Hello, We are cafe24 App Store Operations Team.
We inform you for the API update that will be produced.
Order cancellation API that can cancel order will be produced.

To be produced API

  • 1) Create an order cancellation : POST https://{mallid}.cafe24api.com/api/v2/admin/orders/{order_id}/cancellation
  • 2) Creates multiple order cancellation : POST https://{mallid}.cafe24api.com/api/v2/admin/cancellation

Release date and usage example can be changed since this API is a produce expected API.
cafe24 Developer Center updates constantly for further App development.
We will make an effort to provide you better service. Please keep your constant affection and interest to cafe24 Developer Center.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the customer support bulletin board of the developer Admin.">

[New API] New API for processing an order cancellation released

2020-01-08 Date

This was last updated on 2020y 01m 09d.