Sales setting

  • This is a guide to understanding and managing the information you sign up for selling on the App Store after you have created your app.
  • In relation to registering basic information, please refer to the App basic setting guide.

Exposure information

  • You can enter and manage information that is shown on the App Store and is referenced by shopping mall operators when purchasing an App.
Exposure information
Item Description
App product name The app product name refers to the product name that is actually shown in the App Store.
It is advisable to use an intuitive product name that the shop operator can easily understand.
Store exposure You can view, create, modify and delete the data that sames to the permission you entered.
List image This is an image that is exposed everywhere the App is displayed.
It is exposed as a rectangular wide-banner image.
A registered image that best represents app will help the customers to make their decisions.
An image with an optimized size can be made with the downloadable template.
Brief description A brief description of an app can be registered.
A brief description is the information shown when an app is selected from the App List.
Registering phrases that best represent your app will help the customers choose your app.
Screenshot A screenshot that will be shown on the details page of the app can be registered.
You can register up to 5 images and each file should not exceed 1MB.
On average, your sales will tend to be higher if you have more than 3 screenshots.
Requirements You can set or edit the requirements for your app to run.
When a third-party service is associated with the operation of your app after approval by the cafe24 shopping mall platform (when a third-party service must be used), you can inform other users about the usage conditions.
Example: If an app has the ability to register on Facebook and requires the consent of the app user.

Example of input: The app requires an agreement on using a Facebook account for proper use.

Sample site URL You can enter the URL of a demo site that app customers can reference for their purchases.
Supported languages You can choose which languages are available on ​​your app.
Apps available for sale in the App Store for the selected language are automatically shown.
Meta tag Meta tags are inputs for more accurate and easier searches in the App Store.
Commas are used for separating meta tags.

App detail contents

  • You can enter or modify the content information that corresponds to the detailed description area of the app sold in the App Store.
App Detail Description
Item Description
video URL
You can register videos that effectively explain and promote your app.
The videos can be uploaded onto Youtube, etc. and will be shown once the URL is registered.
The uploaded and registered video is shown at the top of the detailed description section to attract the customers.
Key points You can enter up to three key phrases that emphasize the core value of your app.
Shown at the top of the description, key phrases help customers easily understand the app and make purchases.
Detail desctiprion You can enter a detailed description of your app.
The detailed description can be entered with basic HTML tags.
Tags such as <b>,<br>,<p>,<a>,<div>,<img> can be entered, while Javascript and CSS cannot be entered.

App Billing Information

  • You can enter or modify price information for an app sold in the App Store. You will be charged to the buyer using the price information entered.
App Billing Information
Item Description
Payment method Payment can be entered for free and paid.
If it is free, you can use it immediately after installation.
For paid cases, the sales items can be configured in the form of the daily, monthly, single and meter-rate charging.
In case of daily and monthly payments, regular charging is possible.
Payment method
Settings Value Description
Free Sell the app for free.
If an app is sold for free, but causes separate billing inside the app, it is classified as a retirement point.
Charge We sell apps for a fee.
You can enter the charging method and amount of the app as an option type and is charged with the information entered.
Regular payment is also made on a regular basis with the amount originally paid, but if the amount of the first payment differs from the amount paid on the regular payment, the regular payment will not be made.

Product option input screen

Example : Product Option Entry Results Screen

Default free period Free time can be provided for buyers to preview the app.
Free use period is provided for at least one week to help the buyer decide on purchasing and promote sales.

Contact Information

  • You can enter contact information needed in case of an inquiry or consultation of the customer regarding the app.
    The contact information registered upon developer sign-up is automatically displayed when using a representative contact information, and separate contact information can be used if each app requires one.
    If you are a developer who runs a separate customer service center or a professional consultant, you must enter the contact details of the person in charge.