Joining the developer center

  • Create your account for the developer center through cafe24's integrated sign-up service.
  • If you sign up as an integrated customer, your account will have access to all services provided by cafe24.

Sign up as an integrated customer of cafe24.

  • Sign up as a corporation, individual business or general customer on cafe24 integrated sign-up page.

Create a global No.1 cafe24 shopping mall for free.

  • Log in to the cafe24 shopping mall center.
  • Click the ‘Create Global Shopping Mall’ button located on the top right.
  • Create a shopping mall for free by following the instructions.
Notes on creating and using the shopping mall
  • The distribution of shopping malls is intended to test the app, so we are not responsible for any problems you may experience when performing a random installation and testing on the shopping malls.

Enter the developer‘s information in the cafe24 developer center.

  • Click the ‘Sign up’ button on the top right.
  • When the login screen appears, log in to the account of the cafe24 integrated membership.
  • Once you agree to the terms and conditions and enter the developer‘s additional information, all necessary steps to access and utilize the developer center are complete.
Notes on entering the developer‘s additional information
  • The developer‘s additional information, along with the App Store sales information of the app provided by the developer, is used for billing/settlement, dispute arbitration, etc.
  • Your access will be immediately limited due to incorrect data input or a problem with the entered data.

Your sign-up as a developer is complete once you have agreed to the terms and conditions and entered the necessary information.

  • The entered information is shown to the seller‘s information and utilized when selling apps on the App Store.
  • Should the entered information be incorrect, the app will be considered for suspension and review of sales, so it is crucial you enter the correct information.
  • Because individual developers do not have business information, they are required to enter their dates of birth in accordance with the Telecommunications Merchant Act.
  • You can select a representative image if you have it and your uploaded images such as BI's can be utilized as PR materials for your app as a developer.