Requesting a test and review

App test

  • Once the app development is complete, it may undergo a test in the operation environment targeting the actual Cafe24 shopping malls.

  • [1]: After an app is fully developed, a direct sync test with the Cafe24 shopping mall can be made.

  • Clicking on the test installation will reveal the pop-up window at the top.
    Once you enter the test shopping mall ID you created free of charge when joining Cafe24 in the mall ID section, you can run a test in the mall.
  • [Sequence]
  • 1. Enter the test shopping mall ID, then click the [Enter] button.
  • 2. The shopping mall administrator login screen that you entered is shown and you are logged in to the shopping mall administrator account.
  • 3. Click the [Accept] button when the application installation agreement page is shown in the shopping mall.
  • 4. The test app will installed in the shopping mall and a test can be conducted.
Notes on testing your app
  • The shopping mall in which the app is tested should be a problem-free shopping mall even if it is not necessarily running.
  • If a shopping mall experiences any hindrance due to a test in an active shopping mall, the developer is responsible for the problem and Cafe24 shall not arbitrate.
  • When the app test is finished, you must delete the tested app from the shopping mall administrator.

Requesting an app review

  • [2]: Once an app is created and tested, you can ‘request for review (sale)' to sell it on the Cafe24 App Store.
  • No modification of an app is allowed you request a review (sale) of the app at the Cafe24, as you must contact the Cafe24 App Store operation team for review in case the app needs to be modified for unavoidable reasons.
    (The developer‘s source code can be modified, but any error during review can become a reason for rejection).
  • Please refer to the detailed review guide for sales and a quicker and more accurate review.