API support tool guide

  • How to use the POSTMAN, a global API testing program, which allows you to easily check and use APIs of the cafe24 shopping mall solutions, is described hereby. Using the POSTMAN shall aid you to conveniently check and use the API.

The essential information to register app and use the API shall be entered at the developer center.

  • Login to the cafe24 developer center and register the new app, then select the registered app to go to the app basic information registration screen.
  • Enter the Redirect URL(s) to receive the response via API.
    This is the URL to be used to receive authentication and API call results (must use HTTPS protocol).
  • Select and enter your permission to use the API in your shopping mall.
    (Be sure to select to read and to read + write)
  • Confirm the App Key and App Secret Key issued in the authentication information.
  • If you save all the information you set up by clicking the Save button, the key issuance for the API is complete.
  • For more information on creating apps and registering information, please refer to the App Creation and Basic Settings Guide.

- Example of progress screen

Install the POSTMAN program and setup the API collection and configuration files.

  • Download the program from the POSTMAN website.   [Go to POSTMAN website ▶]
    The free version of the POSTMAN program is available and you can test the API up to 1,000 times per day.
  • Download the cafe24 API collection and configuration file.   [Download configuration file ▶]
    Unzip the downloaded file to get the cafe24 API Environment (Sample).postman_environment file.
  • You can automatically install the cafe24 API collection by clicking the right button.   

- Example of progress screen

Apply the downloaded API collection file and configuration file to the POSTMAN.

  • How to apply an API collection file
    Click the button at the top of the page to automatically apply the API collection.

  • How to apply the configuration file
    ① Click the button in the upper right corner of the POSTMAN program and click ‘Manage Environment.’
    ② Click the Import button at the bottom of the Manage Environment pop-up and upload the downloaded environment file.
    ③ Confirm that 'cafe24 API Environment (Sample)' is added to the configuration list.
    ④ Click the added 'cafe24 API Environment (Sample)' to open the configuration pop-up.
    ⑤ Modify mallid, domain, client_secret, and client_id.
    How to apply the configuration file
    Key Value
    mallid Shopping mall ID to be tested
    redirect_uri Redirect_URL(s) entered at the developer center
    client_secret App secret key issued at the developer center
    client_id App key issued at the developer center

- Example of progress screen

Once your configuration and API collection is ready, have your access token issued.

  • Click 'Authorize Access Token‘ in the API collection.
  • Select 'Oauth 2.0' in TYPE and click 'Get New Access Token.'
  • On the pop-up screen, make the following entries: (Red letters should be typed exactly as instructed)
    Request information about Access_Token
    Key Value
    Token Name The name of the token to be issued - the developer can enter it freely
    Grant Type Select ‘Authorization Code‘
    Callback URL {{redirect_uri}}
    - (enter without modification)
    Auth URL https://{{mallid}}.cafe24api.com/api/v2/oauth/authorize
    - (enter without modification)
    Access Token URL https://{{mallid}}.cafe24api.com/api/v2/oauth/token
    - (enter without modification)
    Client ID {{client_id}}
    - (enter without modification)
    Client Secret {{client_secret}}
    - (enter without modification)
    Scope Range of API permission to be requested
    (For example:mall.write_category,mall.write_order,mall.write_product,...)
    * Please refer to the API scope guide for the detailed scope value.
    State Random value to prevent forgery attacks - the developer can enter it freely

- Example of progress screen

  • When you are finished, click 'Request Token' then log in to the mall administrator account once the shopping mall login screen appears.
  • Once you are logged in and an access token is issued through a pop-up, check the Access Token and the Refresh Token at the bottom, copy it, paste it into Notepad, etc., and save it temporarily.
  • Click the button in the top right corner of the POSTMAN program and click the Edit button in the menu that appears.
  • Paste the copied Access Token into the 'Access Token' item, then click the Update button.

- Example of progress screen

If you apply the Refresh Token, you can reuse the token by reissuing it and use the API conveniently after expiration.

  • Select ‘Authorize Access Token (Refresh Token)’ from the cafe24 API Collection of the POSTMAN program.
  • Convert the App Key and App Secret Key issued from the developer center to the following format using base64 encoding.
Encoding format: {{app key}: {{app secret key}}

Example) if the App Key is '111' and the App Secret Key is '222,' make it 111:222 for base64 encoding

[Shortcut to base64 encoding support site ▶]

  • Enter the Refresh Token in 'grant_type,' paste the Refresh Token copied to the notepad into 'Refresh Token' in the Body tab, then click the Send button to acquire the Refresh Token.

  • Copy the acquired Refresh Token and click the Edit button () in the top right of the POSTMAN program to bring up the Management Environment pop-up and paste in the Access Token.

Once finished, you can freely check and use all the APIs in the POSTMAN program.

  • Select an API to check f rom provided cafe24 API Collection and call it to view the results.

- Example of an API call (product list inquiry API)